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At some point in the life of every organization, managers and supervisors will need to fire one or more of their employees. There may be any number of reasons for making this decision. It could be that your company is downsizing due to economic factors. Or, perhaps the employee has breached company policy with some sort of misconduct. And sometimes, it's as simple as poor performance - the person is just not getting the job done.

Unless there is a written employment agreement that states otherwise or a specific state-granted right, employment is considered to be ""at will"". This means the employee can be terminated without cause or notice. If this is the case with your employees, you may want to consider using a termination letter to end the employment relationship. This letter should set forth the reasons and details surrounding the termination, being as specific as possible. Additionally, the letter should state any severance package that will follow. Putting the details in writing will help minimize the confusion that often stems from a firing and help your company avoid unlawful termination lawsuits that could cost the organization considerable time and money.

LegalZoom's Employee Termination Letter package contains the essential elements you need to craft a well-written letter. Furthermore, it is designed in such a way that it can be easily revised and reused with future terminated employees. Download LegalZoom's Employee Termination Letter to streamline the termination process and protect your business from costly and time-consuming lawsuits down the road.

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