Legal Forms

Being able to successfully manage your rental property begins with good documentation. Having reliable legal forms reduces your liability risk and helps protect your investment. Each form comes with detailed instructions, dos & don't checklist and other helpful tips and information.

Amendment of Agreement

When the terms of an agreement have changed, you need to document those changes with an amendment of agreement.

Assignment of Commercial Lease

Obtain an official Assignment of Commercial Lease.

Assignment of Residential Lease

Obtain an official assignment of residential lease.

Commercial Rent Application

Obtain an official Commercial Rent Application.

Extension of Agreement

Use our extension of agreement form to quickly, easily, and affordably continue your business relationships.

Landlord Consent to Assignment

Use this to consent to your tenant's assignment of his or her lease interest.

Landlord Consent to Sublease

Allow your tenant to sublet with a consent to sublease.

Landlord Welcome Letter

Welcome your new tenant with a friendly and professional letter.

Landlord's Letter Returning Security Deposit

Use a landlord's letter returning security deposit to inform tenants about deductions taken from their security deposit.

Lead Warning and Disclosure Statement

Obtain an official Lead Warning and Disclosure Statement.

Move-In, Move-Out Checklist

Record the condition of your property with a detailed move-in move-out checklist.

Notice to Pay Rent or Quit

Inform your tenant of the consequences of not paying with a notice to pay rent or quit.

Property Management Agreement

Obtain an official Property Management Agreement.

Rent Receipt

Use a rent receipt to prove lease obligations are being met and rent is being paid on time.

Residential Rent Application

Get the details you need about future tenants with a residential rental application.

Sublease of Residential Lease (with Landlord Consent)

Use a Sublease of Residential Lease (With Landlord Consent) to establish rights and responsibilities for tenants and third parties.

Termination of Lease

Obtain an official Termination of Lease.

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