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Draft a California Living Will

A California living will is a legal document which indicates what you would like to have happen in the event you are put on artificial life support and unable to communicate your desires. Different than a Last Will and Testament, a living will does not distribute your property, it simply outlines your wishes concerning life support if you become terminally ill or are in a persistent vegetative state. Today's technology can keep people alive for years, regardless of their degree of brain functioning or amount of constant pain.

As competent adults, we have a constitutional right to make advance decisions regarding our medical care. By establishing a living will now, you guarantee that your family will not have to guess about your desires at a later date. Included in a LegalZoom California living will is the designation of a health care agent, a person able to make decisions for you if you cannot, even if you are not terminally ill or in an irreversible coma. Living wills allow you to include special instructions regarding artificial nutrition or pain medication.

LegalZoom can help prepare a customized living will that meets every California requirement. Start the process today by simply filling out our easy-to-follow online questionnaire. Get your very own living will in three easy steps.