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Draft a Michigan Living Will

What is the outcome of a persistent vegetative state, the state that Terri Schiavo found herself in for almost 15 years? Outcomes range from full recovery to death. Survivors of a coma may awaken or emerge with an array of mental handicaps which will require special and lifelong attention. Since comas are frequently brought on by damage to the brain, every part of human being can be affected, resulting in physical, intellectual and psychological difficulties. Typically, the recovery is very gradual, as a patient regains more and more functionality. In some cases, patients regain only very basic responses and not full awareness, or they come back to consciousness, but for a very short duration.

On the other hand, some comas progress and become permanent and irreversible or move into what is known as a permanent vegetative state. This diagnosis did not exist until fairly recently, as artificial life support made it possible for patients to be kept alive longer and longer with new machines. And recovery may be possible ?one man in Australia came back after decades in a persistent vegetative state.

As competent adults, we have a constitutional right to make advance decisions regarding our medical care. By establishing a living will now, you guarantee that your family will not have to guess about your desires at a later date. Included in a LegalZoom Michigan living will is the designation of a health care agent, a person able to make decisions for you if you cannot, even if you are not terminally ill or in an irreversible coma. Living wills allow you to include special instructions regarding artificial nutrition or pain medication.

LegalZoom can help prepare a customized living will that meets every Michigan requirement. Start the process today by simply filling out our easy-to-follow online questionnaire. Get your very own living will in three easy steps.