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Draft a North Carolina Living Will

The human brain is a marvel of biology. It controls and coordinates every action in your body, including your senses, movement, behavior, and things you are not aware of, like your heartbeat, blood pressure, balance of internal fluids, and internal body temperature. It is inside this organ where humans store emotion, memory, thoughts, personality and learned motor skills. Your spinal cord handles certain bodily functions and can do so without any consciousness ?like simple reflexes and basic locomotion. When the brain is damaged, every one of these aspects can be affected. When the brain is damaged beyond repair or beyond recovery, a living will might turn out to be your best friend.

In today's world, artificial life support can keep a person alive for years, regardless of brain function or amount of pain an individual is experiencing. A North Carolina living will is a legal document which indicates simply what your wishes are in the event that you are put on artificial life support due to severe brain injury or any other cause which makes it impossible to communicate with health care providers. By deciding now, you won't leave the difficult decisions to your family. You can include special instructions and directions for things like pain medication, artificial nutrition, and if you want to remain on life support for a certain period of time.

LegalZoom can help. We prepare customized living wills which meet every legal requirement in North Carolina. A LegalZoom living will also allows you to combine a living will with the appointment of a health care agent, a person who can make decisions on your behalf even if you're not terminally ill or in an irreversible coma, but are unable to make decisions on your own. Start the process today, simply fill out our easy, online questionnaire and complete your North Carolina living will in three easy steps.