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Draft a Texas Living Will

The Terri Schiavo saga started more than 15 years ago. For over 15 years, she was kept alive with artificial means, namely a feeding tube. The debate over keeping her alive centered around the removal of this tube. Some experts predict if she had left behind a living will, the much publicized legal back and forth between Mary and Bob Schindler, Schiavo's parents, and Michael Schiavo, her husband, could have been avoided.

A living will is a document which outlines very specific medical instructions concerning artificial life support. When an individual is in a coma or a vegetative state, he or she is no longer able to communicate desires for medical care. Today's effective life support systems can keep people alive for years, even if their brain no longer functions or they are in constant pain. A Texas living will lets you decide now, as a competent adult, what you would like to happen if you find yourself in that situation.

While Last Will and Testaments deal with what should happen to your property, living wills are simple documents dealing solely with artificial life support. You may include special wishes or instructions; for instance, some individuals do want life support, but only for a specific length of time. Additionally, some people want to make sure they are left on life support. In any case, a Texas living will leaves the decision to you, instead of your family.

A LegalZoom living will includes provisions to designate a health care agent; granting another person power of attorney. Check out LegalZoom's free, online legal library for more information about health care agents.

LegalZoom can help you take control of your vital health care decisions quickly and easily. Simply fill out our free, online questionnaire and get your own, customized Texas living will in three easy steps.