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Draft a Virginia Living Will

In many a science fiction movie, astronauts or explorers go into a deep sleep for years at a time in order to travel great distances. Upon arriving at their new location, they are awoken ?sometimes defrosted ?and free to continue saving the universe from forces of evil, or to be eaten by an alien. While this is a handy and entertaining convention to further a plot, the reality is some people find themselves in this condition, without the opportunity to thaw and continue on as if nothing happened. Modern medical equipment might seem like a sci-fi fantasy to the screenwriters of the 1950's, but current machines have the capability to keep a human body alive for years, even decades, regardless of mental functioning or if a person is in constant pain.

A Virginia living will is a legal document which indicates what you would like to have happen in the event you are put on artificial life support and unable to communicate your desires. By establishing a living will now, you guarantee that your family will not have to guess about your desires at a later date. Included in a LegalZoom Virginia living will is the designation of a health care agent, a person able to make decisions for you if you cannot, even if you are not terminally ill or in an irreversible coma. Living wills allow you to include special instructions regarding artificial nutrition or pain medication.

LegalZoom can help prepare a customized living will that meets every Virginia requirement. Start the process today by simply filling out our easy-to-follow online questionnaire. Get your very own living will in three easy steps.