Venture | October 2011 Newsletter
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Register a Canadian Trademark
If you're looking to growing your brand overseas, many U.S. businesses often look to Canada. The first step to expanding into Canada usually begins with registering a trademark. Here's a quick primer on the advantages of a Canadian trademark and what to expect from the process.
Venture | October 2011
Communication Conundrums – How to Surmount Them
Struggling with a crowded, disorganized inbox? Wish you had a better way to manage your calendar at the office and on-the-go? The digital age offers lots of solutions to these challenges, but half the battle is in knowing which tools to use and how to use them effectively.
Spotted Everywhere: Small Square Pixelated Codes
Big brands like Starbucks, Best Buy and Pepsi are using them to connect with tech-savvy customers. But is there more behind these mysterious, pixelated, scannable boxes that are popping up everywhere?
Blog: Employees Un-Fired for Facebook Postings
The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has ruled in favor of five non-union workers who...
Blog: In-N-Out vs...
Who Again?
If you've ever had an In-N-Out Burger—or even if you haven't—you likely know...
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