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10 Famous People Who Died
Without a Will
For these ten celebrities, the effects of their lack of planning had far-reaching consequences. Read more about this and other real-world examples of what not to do as you plan your own estate.
Abraham Lincoln
Best of 2011 | January 2012
Business plus Facebook
5 Things Your Business Needs to Do on Facebook
If you haven't established your company's Facebook presence, there's no time like the present. Facebook is fast becoming the way that companies interact with their customers, build a loyal fan base and grow their business. Here are 5 tips to help get you started on Facebook.
Google Apps for Business
Probate Process
The Probate Process: Four Simple Steps
The last thing family and friends want is to have estate matters drawn out for months after someone dies. Knowing what probate actually involves will help ease fears about the process—one that isn't always as complex as you might think.
Sending an Email
Can You Be Sued for Sending an Email?
One little email sent from a Gmail user not only received a reply, but resulted in a lawsuit against Google. Outrageous as it might sound, it can happen to anyone who has ever sent an accusatory email.
Last Will
5 Myths About Wills—Debunked
Summer is the perfect time to relax, visit with friends—and make your will. Huh? Contrary to popular belief, a will doesn't have to be a complicated, arduous or time-consuming task. Often, people put off making theirs for these and other reasons—but they're just myths.
The Will TV Show
Blogging and IP Law
Blogging and Intellectual Property Law
The Internet has brought with it a rise in the number of independent writers—in particular, bloggers. No longer protected by publishers, writers nowadays need to be savvy about intellectual property. This basic primer can help you get up to speed in the brave new world of blogging.
Microsoft Office
Blog: School Sues Ryan O'Neal Over Warhol Paintings of Farrah
Andy Warhol produced two silkscreen portraits of the late Farrah Fawcett, but only one...
Free Joe
Blog: Free Joe—Legal Advice for Everyone
Is probate necessary? Can I be fired? How do I dissolve an LLC? Every Tuesday and Friday get...
Blog: Kellogg's Settles Class Action Over Cereal Claims
A settlement agreement has been reached by the parties in a lawsuit against Kellogg Company...
My Life
Blog: Class Action Against Alleges "Spam-and-Scam" Practices
A class action lawsuit filed in the Northern District of California...
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