Venture | September 2012 Newsletter
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Choosing the Right Business Entity: Does Everyone Need to Incorporate?
With the job market still on the rebound, many people are considering starting their own businesses. But is forming a legal entity advantageous for you? Whether to incorporate and which entity to select depends on many factors. Here are some questions to consider that can help point you in the right direction.
Choosing the Right Business Entity
Venture | September 2012
Trademark Genericide
The Problem of Genericide in Trademarks
Sometimes a company's branding can become so pervasive in our culture it goes beyond the traditional confines of its trademark. What seems like a good problem to have can actually create a new public relations headache known as genericide.
Incorporate Your Business
Ways to Go Green
5 Ways to Go Green at Your Office
"Going green" is more than just a cultural buzzword, the effects can dramatically change your company's culture, and perhaps more importantly, your company's bottom line.
Jack Daniel's Cease and Desist Letter
Blog: Jack Daniel's Sends "Most Polite Cease and Desist Letter Ever Written"
You know the old adage "You get more bees with honey than…
Blog: Samsung Ordered to Stop Selling Galaxy Tablet & Galaxy News
A federal judge ordered Samsung to stop selling its Galaxy Tablet…
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