Venture | August 2013 Newsletter
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11 Top Business Blogs for Entrepreneurs
No company that succeeds in today's competitive business environment gets there on its own. True leaders rely on the expertise of others, and one of their favorite resources is blogs. Blogs are written by some of the most well-respected experts in their fields. They're free. And if you post a question, you just may get an answer directly from the guru.
Venture | August 2013
How to Break Up with a Cofounder
The last thing you want to think about when forming a new business partnership is ending it. Especially since business partners quite often are a spouse or a friend. Yet, planning for that possibility in advance can go a long way toward reducing stress, preventing costly litigation, and even preserving the relationship.
Exit Strategy
Dogs in the Office – Is It Legal?
Lots of cool start-ups allow employees to bring their pets to work. But what's good for the pet lover might not be so good for the company.
Dogs in the office
Blog: Small Biz Owners Want Action on Climate
USA Today recently reported on a poll by The American Sustainable Business Council that found a majority of small business owners are on board with addressing climate issues.
Small Biz Owners Want Action on Climate
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Blog: IRS Seeks Billions from Estate of Former Detroit Pistons Owner
The estate of former Detroit Pistons owner Bill Davidson, who died in 2009, is challenging the IRS' assertion that it owes the government at least $2 billion in estate taxes.
IRS Seeks Billions from Estate of Former Detroit Pistons Owner
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