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Living Trust Mills: What to Watch Out For
If you’ve never heard of a trust mill, consider yourself lucky, but also be wary. There’s a growing segment of trust “advisors” trying to convince unsuspecting Americans to transfer their investments into riskier ventures. Here’s what you need to know and what to do about it.
Living Trust Mill
Insight | December 2013
Legal Aspects of Adopting Frozen Embryos
Although many unused frozen embryos left over from IVF treatments are destroyed, some are being put up for adoption, so to speak, for couples who desire to go through a pregnancy and birth on their way to parenthood. Is this even legal?
Adopting Frozen Embryos
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3D Printing: What It Means for Society
Building everything from machine parts to human parts, 3D printing is turning the manufacturing industry on its head. A difficult process to imagine, 3D printing builds three-dimensional objects out of “nothing” right before your eyes. The process offers several solid advantages over traditional manufacturing.
3D Printing
Blog: Valet Parking: A Trend in Regulation
The 2013 Emerging Trends in Parking report cited traffic congestion as being the societal change having the most significant influence on parking. In light of many cities across the country still feeling the financial effects of the economic downturn, it should not surprise anyone that there is also a trend toward demand for greater parking revenue.
Valet Parking
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Blog: CA Minors Will Get an Online Clean Slate
California’s Senate Bill No. 568 was signed by Governor Jerry Brown on September 23, 2013. Referred to as Privacy Rights for California Minors in the Digital World, it requires operators of websites, operators of online services and applications and operators of mobile services and applications to make special provisions if the operators have actual knowledge that they have users under 18 who reside in California.
CA minor
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Is Using LegalZoom to Make a Will Perfectly Legal in My State (Oregon)?
It's almost impossible to screw up a will with the help of LegalZoom. Even a more complicated living trust is a no-brainer with LegalZoom.…
Joe Escalante
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