Venture | July 2013 Newsletter
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Intellectual Property Tips for E-tailers
Now that almost anyone with a PC can set up shop on the Web, it's tempting to "borrow" intangible assets, such as website designs and content, from popular sites where they've proved successful. Or stock your store with brand name merchandise from low-priced suppliers with murky connections. Good business? Or a recipe for trouble?
Intellectual Property Tips for E-tailers
Venture | July 2013
A Brand by Any Other Name: The Stories Behind Iconic Business Names
Kleenex, Band-Aids—everywhere you turn, brand names are embedded in our culture, and that's no accident. But have you ever wondered how some of those popular brands got their names? Here's the inside scoop.
Iconic Business Names
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Is Your Home-Based Business Illegal?
Hey, apartment entrepreneurs—whether you know it or not, you might be breaking the law. Or several laws. Here's your legal checklist for running a business from home.
Is Your Home-Based Business Illegal?
Blog: Do Small Business Owners Share Special DNA?
A newly released survey by Deluxe Corp. has revealed that small business owners share several characteristics that help them succeed. The study asked over 1,000 American small business owners questions…
Do Small Business Owners Share Special DNA?
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Blog: Firefox Browser Add-On to Combat Copyright Infringement
Many people who have posted their photos online can empathize with photographer Jason Wilder, and now they have him to thank for being able to better combat copyright infringement.
Firefox Browser Add-On
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