Insight | November 2013 Newsletter
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Health Apps as Medical Devices: What It Means for Consumers
With smartphones getting even smarter, mobile apps related to health and wellness are turning our phones into the "tricorder" of Star Trek fame. Here's what's up ahead in the next frontier of medicine.
Health Apps as Medical Devices
Insight | November 2013
James Gandolfini's Probate and Estate Tax Situation: Why No One Should Just Fuggedaboutit
The Sopranos star's will and its provisions, particularly those invoking the so-called death tax, have sparked a discussion about estate planning that no wise guy or gal—celebrity or not—can afford to ignore.
James Gandolfini Probate and Estate Tax Situation
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Keeping Millennials Happy in the Workplace
Traditional companies are learning that the management practices that attracted and retained generations past aren't working with today's "millennial" generation. Find out what's changed, why, and how, with a few "attitude adjustments" your organization can become an employee magnet to the new generation of business leaders.
Keeping Millennials Happy in the Workplace
Blog: Anti-Paparazzi Bill Now Law in California
In California, Governor Jerry Brown has signed an anti-paparazzi bill into law that is intended to protect celebrities' children from harassing behavior of photographers.
Anti-Paparazzi Bill Now Law in California
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Blog: $300 Million Huguette Clark Estate Contest Reaches Court, Stalls
When Huguette Clark, daughter of a Montana copper baron who founded Las Vegas, died in 2011 at age 104. She left her $300 million estate to the hospital where she spent the last 20 years of her life, several arts charities, and various employees—but explicitly excluded relatives.
$300 Million Huguette Clark Estate
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Q: When Evicting a Tenant Who is Getting Rental Assistance, Can I Serve Them with a 3-Day Notice?
You have to be very careful when evicting subsidized tenants. Typically federal laws provide more protection than state laws for tenants and you can get burned…
Joe Escalante
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