Insight | October 2013 Newsletter
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Who Has the Right of Way? California Moves to Regulate
Taxi unions have been pushing for some regulation of ride-sharing companies for a while, and California has listened—but will the proposed rules be enough to satisfy taxi drivers and will other states follow California's lead?
California Moves to Regulate Ride-Sharing
Insight | October 2013
The Business of Being in a Band 101
Contrary to what your parents said, many musical bands make money. But if you're thinking of marketing your band, you need to think about protecting its "brand"—the name and/or symbols you hope will become famous—and its original music. Here's what every band needs to know about trademarks and copyrights.
The Business of Being in a Band 101
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California First State to Pass Bill Allowing Noncitizens on
While serving on a jury has been a civic duty, until now, it's been a duty enjoyed only by citizens. California is poised to change that, recently passing a bill that would allow permanent legal residents to serve on juries.
California First State to Pass Bill Allowing Noncitizens on Juries
Blog: Advantage Sharapova – Name Change Scrapped
Just before the start of the 2013 US Open, tennis great Maria Sharapova announced plans to change her last name to Sugarpova to match her successful candy brand.
Advantage Sharapova
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Blog: Tennessee Judge: No Babies Named Messiah Please
A Tennessee judge recently stopped a new mom from naming her baby Messiah. What was the judge's reasoning?
Tennessee Judge
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