July 2014 Newsletter
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Naming Your Living Trust
While most people simply name their living trust their and their spouse's full names, you don't have to. Find out about what factors to consider when naming your trust—and whether or not you can change the name once your trust is funded.
living trust
Help protect your family with a LegalZoom Living Trust.
Working From Home: Under Threat?
A little over a year ago, tech giant Yahoo! made headlines when CEO Marissa Mayer did away with the company's generous work-from-home policy. Now, another large company is getting attention for a similar issue: Ford Motor Company.
work from home
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If I File for Bankruptcy, Can They Take My SSI (Supplemental Security Income)?
They can't attach that income to pay credit card debts under federal law. However, don't let the income sit in your bank account for too long. I believe …
Joe Escalante
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