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5 Ways to Become More Innovative
Being innovative is more than an aspiration; it's a way of being. Fostering a creative mindset can lead to more opportunities, whether for someone else or for yourself. If you find yourself daydreaming about an idea but unsure what to do next, here are some tips to help you get started.
Blog: The Selfie & Unauthorized Commercial Tweets
In 2013, Oxford Dictionaries picked "selfie" as Word of the Year. In 2014, Ellen DeGeneres' Oscar selfie may have been the selfie to top all others. The Hollywood Reporter website stated that it's valued at close to a billion dollars. Her tweet on a Samsung phone was seen by 37 million people according to the article.
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Can I Sue a Rental Car Company That's Trying to Charge Me for Hail Damage?
This is a good case for the Small Claims division of your local county court. It will cost you a hundred dollars or so to file, but if you win…
Joe Escalante
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