September 2014 Newsletter
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Robin Williams' Estate Plan Not a Laughing Matter
When a comedy legend like Robin Williams unexpectedly passes, the details of his estate plan are big news. Find out how Williams planned and how it will affect his family.
Robin Williams' Smart Estate Plan
Washington Redskins Name Controversy: Is the Team Facing a Name Change?
As football season gets underway, the controversy surrounding the name and logo of the Washington team currently known as the "Redskins" will no doubt continue to play out. While rebranding the team may seem risky to the owners, not changing a brand in the face of mounting pressure may prove to be even riskier.
Washington Redskins' Legal Issue
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You Don't Have to Own a Pro Football Team to Get Great Legal Advice
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Personal Legal Plan
Free Legal Advice from Attorney Joe Escalante
Can I Break My Lease and Sue for a Gnat Infestation?
You have a right to receive what was promised in any bargain you enter into. You bargained for a home. There is an implied warranty of habitability you can…
Attorney Joe Escalante
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