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Enterprises may be asking for trouble if they go with a single-cloud strategy.


A Holy War is upon us, but not in the industry you’d expect. With predictions that more than 50% of global enterprises will adopt at least one cloud platform in 2018 to manage and store their vital data, enterprise technology is becoming more and more important for businesses amid their... Read more


After years of fighting state bar associations, on-demand legal services companies like Avvo, LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer have shifted to evolving their businesses.

For years on-demand legal service providers have sought to revolutionize the legal market by offering fixed-fee legal products and advice through online marketplaces. But for years, state bar associations... Read more


Online legal service provider LegalZoom has announced a partnership with non-profit patient advocacy organization Patients Rising whereby patients with life threatening diseases will get access to free legal, financial, insurance, and tax services. The offering will begin over the next few months.

Announced June 1, the partnership represents an expansion of LegalZoom... Read more


One of the surprises of adulthood is how often you'd like to have a lawyer looking over your shoulder.
You want to be sure your lease doesn't include unreasonable demands. Someone to talk to after you've been rear-ended. Or a professional to eyeball an employment contract.

"People get bullied and walk away," says Jeff Bell, CEO of LegalShield, a pre-paid law... Read more


In the past few years, I have written about the monopoly and protectionism within the legal field. Like intellectual property, the Unauthorized Practice of Law is not considered a sexy topic for the startup community. However, when a state bar sets its sights on a company, large or small, the results can be devastating. Although most have read about the LegalZoom, Avvo, and... Read more


Jane (whose name changed for privacy purposes) had been living with her elderly mother for more than 20 years in a rent-stabilized apartment in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn. But three years ago, Jane’s landlord began filing frivolous lawsuits against her and her mother in an effort to evict them from their home.

While Jane was delinquent with rent... Read more


For 16 years, LegalZoom has filled in the gap between free internet advice and hiring a lawyer; its services have become standard for many small businesses, entrepreneurs, and solo contractors and freelancers. For the last 13 years, John Suh has led the company as Executive Chairman and CEO. We talked to him about how he runs the company and handles his own work.

... Read more


How your company handles problems in the workplace matters just as much as your revenue. Sure, your company might perform well, but if there are internal concerns or potential issues that aren't addressed, you're setting yourself – and your employees – up for failure.

According to a survey by LegalZoom, one in 10 American workers reported that company standards and... Read more


While the #MeToo phenomenon ripples through every sector of the economy, revealing the extent of sexual harassment on the job, or, more accurately “garnering public attention for what most of us already knew happened anyway” — it seems that clients have largely failed to grasp the importance of the discussion for their own companies. As one might expect, there’s a profound... Read more


Can your small business adequately handle workplace issues and conflicts? Chances are, your employees don’t think so.

According to LegalZoom’s Workplace Insight Report for Businesses 2018, only 26 percent of workers have faith their employer can take swift action to handle workplace issues or scandals. This indicates that there’s a major gap between business owners... Read more


Fewer than half of employees are confident that their workplace can handle problems that arise on the job, and a small number who've specifically witnessed harassment were too fearful of retaliation to speak up about it, according to a new survey.

Only 27% of those who've had a workplace issue have taken their concerns to management, and 12% who witnessed harassment... Read more

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