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Nicole Miller succeeds Chas Rampenthal, who is stepping down after 16 years as LegalZoom's GC to serve in a new role at the legal tech firm.

The longtime general counsel of LegalZoom.com Inc. is stepping down to take on a new role within the company, which has hired The Honest Company’s former general counsel, Nicole Miller, to serve as the legal tech firm’s new top... Read more


LegalZoom.com Inc., the private equity-backed online legal technology company, announced Monday its hire of Nicole Miller to serve as its new general counsel.

Miller joins LegalZoom after a half-dozen years in-house at The Honest Co., a Playa Vista, Calif.-based beauty and health products enterprise founded by actress Jessica Alba. Miller, who spent almost the past... Read more


Where’s my mask and hand sanitizer? Can I get curbside assistance?

These are some of the questions people face before performing even basic tasks and activities in the new version of normalcy during a global pandemic.

Increasingly, they also have to ask themselves, ‘Should I sign this liability waiver?’

As more states ease social distancing rules in... Read more


LegalZoom has hired as its new general counsel a lawyer whose resume includes working in-house at The Honest Co. and in private practice at Cooley LLP and Gibson Dunn & Crutcher LLP, the company said Monday.

Nicole Miller started in her new role this week, replacing Chas Rampenthal, who is transitioning to a product-facing role, the company said.

"... Read more


Coronavirus has more people addressing their end-of-life planning. And for those who haven’t, it’s a great time to take it on.

People are traditionally rather hesitant to take the steps that experts suggest — creating an advance directive, writing a will and more — in part because they don’t want to ponder their own mortality. But the coronavirus pandemic has... Read more


The coronavirus may prove to be the master teacher of our lifetime. The lessons are hard. Some we’ve grasped, some will come later, and others we may miss entirely. One of the first lessons: plan for the unexpected today, because who knows about tomorrow.

“Sadly, people of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds are dying unexpectedly and without the estate planning... Read more

Justice technology firm Paladin partnered with the ABA groups to give lawyers ready access to pro bono opportunities.


As the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread devastation both directly and indirectly across the country, attorneys are already expressing their interest in offering their services to help those impacted. Paul Weiss is clocking tremendous pro... Read more


Lawyers who want to provide pro bono help to people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and other disasters can sign up at a new pro bono portal launched Thursday.

The portal, available at this link, will list pro bono opportunities for those who want to help people impacted by COVID-19, tornadoes in Tennessee and earthquakes in San Juan, Puerto Rico, according to an ... Read more


For countless numbers of low-income Americans, the COVID-19 crisis is causing significant and unanticipated legal consequences, including unlawful evictions, lost wages and benefits, and other legal issues. Launching today is a first-of-its-kind, nationwide Disaster Relief Pro Bono Portal to help connect those individuals to pro bono legal assistance. 

The portal... Read more


The American Bar Association’s Disaster Legal Services Program and justice tech company Paladin launched an online portal enabling lawyers to find pro bono opportunities to help people affected by the coronavirus pandemic and other natural disasters.

“The COVID-19 public health crisis has made the need for a nationwide Disaster Legal Services pro bono portal more... Read more


The coronavirus pandemic has laid low a lot of Americans, more than 62,000 of whom have already died since the beginning of March and 30 million more who are now out of work owing to the resultant shutdown of most businesses and public gathering places.

The ensuant crisis it has created is so massive that any type of coordinated effort is a... Read more


In normal times, a last will and testament is a prudent thing to have. During a public health emergency like the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, they’re essential. And with more and more online options available, putting together a will is easier than ever — so you can be assured that your end of life wishes around your assets and property will go to the people you desire.

... Read more

THE NOVEL CORONAVIRUS pandemic may be the kick in the rear you needed to finally write a will, designate powers of attorney or cement health care directives.

You may be worried that your exposure to the disease or preexisting health conditions would make you more likely to die of COVID-19. Or maybe you want your health care wishes known if you're put on a ventilator... Read more


When it comes to writing a will or setting up your life insurance policy, it is easy to say, "I'll do that tomorrow." But what if tomorrow ushers in an emergency like the coronavirus pandemic?

A living will and a life insurance policy is something every adult should have in place in preparation for the worst-case scenario. 

But according to a 2020 study done... Read more


Robert Adler, a New York-based trusts and estates lawyer, says calls to his office have doubled or tripled in recent weeks, with people he’s never worked for before asking him: “What happens if I die?”

”A lot of those callers are doctors, nurses, EMTs, transit workers, police ... people still on the job,” said Adler, of Adler & Adler. That’s not his usual client... Read more


As unemployment claims skyrocket, Americans facing joblessness are rejiggering their personal finances, including what to do with their employer-sponsored retirement accounts.

While conventional wisdom says that people shouldn’t touch their retirement savings and instead let it grow over the long term, that calculus changes when faced with an immediate financial... Read more


The coronavirus relief package that was signed into law last week included relaxed rules for taking money out of your retirement account. But while the option now exists for those who need the financial lifeline, there are several considerations to keep in mind before you start moving money around.

First, let’s look at the changes.

Early withdrawal rules for... Read more

Being a woman entrepreneur can have its own unique set of challenges. In the U.S., the number of women-owned businesses increased 21% to a total of nearly 13 million between 2014 and 2019, and in those five years, the annual growth rate in the number of women-owned firms was more than double that of all businesses. Despite this, many of them do not have equal access to... Read more


If the coronavirus outbreak has got you asking yourself whether it’s finally time to make a will, you’re not alone. (It’s that combination of “time on your hands” and “time to think seriously about what might happen to your loved ones in a worst-case scenario” thing.)

Unfortunately, the act of making a will isn’t enough. You also need to ensure your will is legally... Read more


What’s more stressful than the first conversation you ever have with your significant other about money? The moment when you realize it’s just not working out.

You weren’t married, but you might as well been. You shared rent, utilities, maybe a bank account. If you didn’t live together, you shared a family phone plan, or at least a Netflix account. At any rate, it’s... Read more


Today, California Assembly Bill 5 (referred to as AB5) goes into effect.

Authored by Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez and signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsom in September, the bill's main purpose is to require California employers to adhere to a stricter definition of "independent contractor."

As a result, countless companies will likely have to reclassify... Read more

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