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Welcome to LegalZoom in the News, where you can read up on the latest in media coverage and LegalZoom reviews. Members of the media have been covering LegalZoom’s leadership, employees and customers since our 2001 launch. As an innovator in online legal document services, LegalZoom is proud to offer personalized, affordable, online legal solutions for small businesses and families.

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08/22/2016CATEGORY: Misc (Forms, News, etc.)

Meet Kobe Bryant, venture capitalist.

The retired NBA star today unveiled his venture-capital fund, a $100 million vehicle for investing in technology, media and data companies.

Mr. Bryant, who turns 38 Tuesday, isn’t going it alone: He is partnering with 43-year-oldJeff Stibel, a longtime entrepreneur and investor who was introduced to Mr. Bryant by a mutual more...

08/15/2016CATEGORY: Misc (Forms, News, etc.)
/ Above the Law

After I wrote last week about the ABA’s Report on the Future of Legal Services in the United States, I heard from Eddie Hartman, co-founder of LegalZoom, who wanted to share his thoughts on the report. Over the course of several emails, the following conversation ensued.

AMBROGI: What is your overall impression of the committee’s report?

HARTMAN: I’m a dad, more...

08/14/2016CATEGORY: Misc (Forms, News, etc.)
/ Forbes

As seen with Gawker, a lawsuit can severely damage or perhaps kill a business. Even if you think you are right, it may not matter. Sometimes it is just about who has more resources — or it could be a situation where legal precautions were not taken early on.

So what are some strategies you can implement to help avoid a disaster for your own business? Well, I talked more...

08/09/2016CATEGORY: Misc (Forms, News, etc.)
/ Blogtrepreneur

In this article, we will review the online service on several metrics to give the consumer an overview of the features and performance of the company.

What is LegalZoom?

LegalZoom is an online service that provides legal documents and services to the public. LegalZoom was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Austin, Texas. What does LegalZoom do? Their more...

08/05/2016CATEGORY: Misc (Forms, News, etc.)
/ Forbes

Dollar Shave Club was just bought by Unilever for $1 billion. That’s a mighty big number for a five-year old start-up. But the real story is how a start-up could disrupt an industry not by improving the product or service but by altering its delivery structure and pricing. Short form explanation: Internet, mass transportation, and globalization mixed with customer service, more...

07/31/2016CATEGORY: Estate Planning
/ Associated Press

Answering the heart-wrenching question: what happens to my kids if I die

If you were to die today, who would take care of your kids?

It's a tough but important question to answer. And avoiding it can actually make the situation worse. To help, we've broken down the steps:


If you were to die without naming a guardian, the court more...

07/21/2016CATEGORY: Misc (Forms, News, etc.)

John Suh, CEO of LegalZoom, is a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur and has founded and led numerous successful businesses. Making him the perfect person to help business leaders navigate the legal field as they launch and run their businesses. In fact, LegalZoom has helped start over a million small businesses since its inception in 2001. He joins us today to discuss the more...

06/08/2016CATEGORY: Misc (Forms, News, etc.)
/ Above the Law

Ed. note: As a friendly reminder, the views expressed here are strictly mine and do not reflect, in any way, the position of my employer, Thomson Reuters.

Is law too important to be left to lawyers alone? Eddie Hartman, co-founder of LegalZoom, thinks so. He believes the legal market is fundamentally broken, and we will need to enlist the help of non-lawyers to fix more...

05/13/2016CATEGORY: Misc (Forms, News, etc.)
/ Huffington Post

About 55 percent of Americans don’t have a will, according to LexisNexis. And most of them — 60 percent — say it’s because they just haven’t gotten around to making one. Let’s throw in an unwillingness to consider our own mortality and you get the picture.

Blacks (68 percent) and Latinos (74 percent) are less likely to have wills, according to LegalZoom. And it’s not more...

05/01/2016CATEGORY: Misc (Forms, News, etc.)