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04/30/2013CATEGORY: Misc (Forms, News, etc.)
/ Business News Daily


Newly minted business owners’ confidence is climbing, in spite of their reservations about the nation's overall economic health, according to a startup confidence index released today. Their rosy outlook is also tempered by diminished expectations about consumer demand and their own hiring forecasts.

A significant majority (84 percent) of 1,650 entrepreneurs more...

04/30/2013CATEGORY: Misc (Forms, News, etc.)
/ Associated Press


NEW YORK (AP) — Small business owners are getting more optimistic about their companies, according to two surveys released Tuesday.

Improving company finances helped lift more...

04/30/2013CATEGORY: Misc (Forms, News, etc.)
/ Entrepreneur


Despite heavy headwinds, small-business owners report being more optimistic about their business prospects more...

04/30/2013CATEGORY: Misc (Forms, News, etc.)
/ The Dallas Morning News


The Conference Board’s Consumer Confidence Index of the U.S. economic outlook rebounded in April after more...

04/02/2013CATEGORY: Misc (Forms, News, etc.)
/ Small Biz Technology


Starting a home-based business used to require a huge investment, a ton of start-up costs, and a steep learning curve. Today, with the help of the cloud, starting a business out of your home is far simpler and cheaper. Not only are cloud-based services cheap and easy to use, most have extensive customer support to help you get set up and avoid the headaches of more...

03/29/2013CATEGORY: Misc (Forms, News, etc.)
/ MSN Money


You may not have to worry about estate taxes anymore. But you still need to pay attention to what might happen to yourself, your stuff and your loved ones at the end of your life.

Congress this year dramatically reduced the number of people subject to so-called "death taxes." The "fiscal-cliff" deal that lawmakers reached permanently boosted the estate-tax more...

03/21/2013CATEGORY: Misc (Forms, News, etc.)


Just as the riva kings in Game of Thrones battle to expand their powerbases, in real life, entrepreneurs compete to get their businesses off the ground and into profitable status. This infographic is themed after the popular television series Game of Thrones, and sheds light on interesting statistics related to more...

03/06/2013CATEGORY: Misc (Forms, News, etc.)
/ Consumer Affairs


How many budding entrepreneurs have this dream?

You just came up with a new app under the company that you and you buddy started a couple of summers ago in-between semesters. At first, the app was formed on a good idea, but there were major technical glitches to repair and a couple of user features to improve on.

After numerous attempts and enduring more...

03/04/2013CATEGORY: Misc (Forms, News, etc.)
/ Yahoo Small Business Advisor



Citi's small business lending rose 21 percent to $9.6 billion in 2012, surpassing the bank's $8 billion goal.

Citigroup Inc. has pledged to loan a total of $24 billion to small businesses over a three-year period. It promised the money in 2010, alongside the Small Business Administration, as part of a push to improve access to lending more...

03/01/2013CATEGORY: Misc (Forms, News, etc.)
/ Business News Daily


The majority of new entrepreneurs are funding their ventures out of their own pockets, a new study finds.

Personal funds were by far the most common source of business financing for entrepreneurs, with only 20 percent receiving loansfrom family members, bank or home equity loans, or money from outside investors, the research found.

“With 80 percent of more...