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12/20/2012CATEGORY: Misc (Forms, News, etc.)
/ Businessweek


My wife and I had been putting off getting a financial planner for at least a year. This was in keeping with our—OK, my—habit of delaying efforts on things that had a Limited Immediate Payoff and were generally considered Good for One’s Future. But after a second child and new jobs for both of us, it seemed time for someone to help us figure out what to do with our more...

11/13/2012CATEGORY: Misc (Forms, News, etc.)
/ Forbes


The new patent law put into place by the America Invents Act on September 16, 2011, goes into effect Spring 2013. This marks a fundamental change in US patent protection, moving away from the current first-to-invent rule to the international standard, first-to-file.

Will the new patent law endanger American entrepreneurs? 

“Effectively, this more...

11/08/2012CATEGORY: Misc (Forms, News, etc.)
/ Yahoo Voices


For a small business owner with a new startup, a website like Twitter is an integral part of the marketing mix. Check out 10 of our favorite business tweets from October 2012.

Pete Cashmore ‏@mashable
Learn How to Win With Social Analytics

Yahoo Small Business ‏@YSmallBusiness
Prepare for the next 'Sandy'. more...

11/01/2012CATEGORY: Misc (Forms, News, etc.)
/ Entrepreneur


Small businesses continued to add jobs in October, but the question remains whether this will be a more...

10/30/2012CATEGORY: Misc (Forms, News, etc.)
/ Forbes


Jordan Zachary Bell-Masterson is an analyst in Research and Policy at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation.

New business owners offer insightful clues to the economy. These clues teach us a great deal about past trends and future expectations. That’s why the Kauffman Foundation and LegalZoom jointly have been asking business owners about their confidence more...

10/26/2012CATEGORY: Misc (Forms, News, etc.)
/ Entrepreneur


There may be good news on the horizon for small-business owners in need of loans. A new survey suggests more...

10/26/2012CATEGORY: Misc (Forms, News, etc.)
/ Forbes


Dixon Doll  is co-founder and general partner at venture capital firm DCM. 

It’s no mystery that the United States faces a devastating economic situation. Four years of anemic U.S. job growth, persistently high unemployment, unbridled government spending, debt and uncertainty have all contributed to the worst economic recovery since the Great more...

10/26/2012CATEGORY: Misc (Forms, News, etc.)
/ Fox Business


Startup business owners are confident that their businesses will become more profitable in the next 12 months, despite having less confidence in the overall economy, according to a survey from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and LegalZoom.

The quarterly index showed the most confidence among business owners this year. When asked if they expect increased more...

10/25/2012CATEGORY: Misc (Forms, News, etc.)


A majority of start-up owners are optimistic about the growth of their companies, according to the Kauffman/LegalZoom Startup Confidence Index.

The fourth-quarter survey, released on Thursday, found that 83% of the 693 respondents (who started companies in the last 12 months) anticipate profits to grow in the next year. The surveyed owners are clients of more...

10/01/2012CATEGORY: Misc (Forms, News, etc.)
/ PCMag


We've all heard this excerpt from a Benjamin Franklin letter: "nothing in this world can be said to be certain except death and taxes." PCMag has you covered on the tax front, but getting your affairs in order for the truly inevitable is another matter.

Tech-savvy PCMag readers, I suspect, like to take a DIY approach whenever they can, relying on the Internet more...