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Welcome to LegalZoom in the News, where you can read up on the latest in media coverage and LegalZoom reviews. Members of the media have been covering LegalZoom’s leadership, employees and customers since our 2001 launch. As an innovator in online legal document services, LegalZoom is proud to offer personalized, affordable, online legal solutions for small businesses and families.

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05/06/2010CATEGORY: Estate Planning
/ TheStreet
03/12/2010CATEGORY: Misc (Forms, News, etc.)
/ The Washington Post

The United States stands largely alone in advanced-market democracies in drastically restricting where and how people can get help with their legal problems. In all states, under rules created by bar associations and state supreme courts, only people with law degrees and who are admitted to the state bar can provide legal advice and services of any kind.

In more...

08/22/2009CATEGORY: Business Formations
/ New York Times

Accidental or by design, entrepreneurship is on the rise again this year., the online legal document service, says the number of new businesses it helped to form was up 10 percent in the first half of the year, compared with the period a year earlier.

LegalZoom's top five areas of incorporation are real estate, consulting, Internet (including more...

08/15/2009CATEGORY: Estate Planning

The credibility of the documents is paramount to LegalZoom. That is why Lee and Liu approached high-profile attorney Robert Shapiro when they were starting up the company. He agreed to get on board with them, helped co-found the company and Liu explains, "Mr. Shapiro is still involved, still a trusted advisor for us."

07/14/2009CATEGORY: Estate Planning
/ Los Angeles Times

Rampenthal sells online wills. And as general counsel of, he noticed a sharp uptick in demand when model Anna Nicole Smith died in 2007, triggering a messy battle over her estate.

"All that publicity reminded people they should have an up-to-date will," he said.

The same could happen as Jackson's estate gets sorted out. Experts in the more...

07/07/2009CATEGORY: Estate Planning
/ ABC 7

ABC consumer specialist Ric Romero speaks with Legalzoom Co-Founder Robert Shapiro about the differences between a will and a living trust.

06/25/2009CATEGORY: Misc (Forms, News, etc.)
/ Long Island Business News

With unemployment numbers continuing to grow and the recession dragging on, more and more Long Islanders are playing lawyer themselves rather than paying an attorney.

And with places...such as, it's becoming easier than ever.

06/02/2009CATEGORY: Business Formations
/ The Huffington Post

But what excited me was what this means for small businesses. By stripping away the most intimidating aspects of the legal process - time, money, and visiting a real-life lawyer face to face - the company has lowered the barrier to entry to a point where any eager entrepreneur could saunter right over it.

05/07/2009CATEGORY: Business Formations
/ PC Magazine

LegalZoom offers business formations in all states for all types of includes an education center with FAQs, a glossary, and a wealth of information about the incorporation process.

03/19/2009CATEGORY: Business Formations
/ Los Angeles Sentinel

In fact,, the nation's leading online legal document and filing service, saw a 19 percent jump in customers forming limited liability companies (LLCs) in the fourth quarter of 2008 (compared to the year before), even while the economy as a whole shrank 3.8 percent. Celebrities are even joining the trend.

When Kim Kardashian more...