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07/31/2012CATEGORY: Other Personal Services
/ Fox Business


Younger entrepreneurs are feeling more optimistic about their business prospects over the next year than their older counterparts. According to a recent survey, 98% of 18-to-30-year-old entrepreneurs are either confident or very confident that their business will see greater profitability in the year to come.

The third-quarter Kauffman/LegalZoom Startup more...

07/31/2012CATEGORY: Misc (Forms, News, etc.)


For young entrepreneurs, hope springs eternal. But for older entrepreneurs? Eh, not so much.

Overall, start-up owners have lower expectations for the U.S. economy in the third quarter, according to the Startup Confidence Index release on Tuesday by entrepreneurship more...

07/31/2012CATEGORY: Misc (Forms, News, etc.)
/ Huffington Post


They say that youth is wasted on the young and that with age, comes wisdom. But what if unbridled, youthful enthusiasm, not sage wisdom, holds the key to our future economic prosperity? What if the elder statesmen of the business community have seen too much and young, starry-eyed entrepreneurs, just the right amount -- having seen so little?

These are a few more...

03/26/2012CATEGORY: Misc (Forms, News, etc.)
/ Forbes


As the global economy writhes and rattles, entrepreneurship has ever more clearly emerged as the solution to economic recovery. Young startups not only create nearly two thirds of America’s new jobs, they also bring forth innovation that often revolutionizes humanity and provides widespread prosperity. The best part is, ease in creating businesses has increased more...

02/14/2012CATEGORY: Misc (Forms, News, etc.)
/ Business Insider
In the digital age, it's not just our worldly possessions that will be squabbled over after we're gone. Our computers, smartphones and tablets have amassed a virtual treasure trove of some of our most valued belongings: A lifetime of photos, social media profiles, music collections and financial accounts, to name a few.

Leaving those things out in the ether without a clear more...

09/16/2011CATEGORY: Misc (Forms, News, etc.)
LegalZoom hopes to change the legal industry by offering subscriptions for unlimited attorney consultations. It's the latest alternative to a traditional law firm model many young companies simply can't afford.   LegalZoom first deviated from the traditional law firm model a decade ago when it introduced online legal document services. Now the company is breaking even more...
08/22/2011CATEGORY: Misc (Forms, News, etc.)
/ The Wall Street Journal

August 21, 2011 —

The job market is not looking bright for Americans of all walks of life, even Ivy League college graduates and those with advanced degrees. For example, a new wave of law school graduates has just taken state bar examinations, which they must pass to obtain a license to practice law. more...
07/26/2011CATEGORY: Misc (Forms, News, etc.)

NEW YORK, July 26 (Reuters Breakingviews) - Lawyers look awfully petty suing U.S. self-help website LegalZoom. They claim the site, co-founded by O.J. Simpson defense attorney Robert Shapiro, practices law without a license. But their real beef may be that it's a lot cheaper and easier to use than they are. If lawyers have a legitimate case against the online provider of more...

05/06/2010CATEGORY: Estate Planning
/ TheStreet
03/12/2010CATEGORY: Misc (Forms, News, etc.)
/ The Washington Post

The United States stands largely alone in advanced-market democracies in drastically restricting where and how people can get help with their legal problems. In all states, under rules created by bar associations and state supreme courts, only people with law degrees and who are admitted to the state bar can provide legal advice and services of any kind.

In more...