August Is National Make-A-Will Month

Protect Your Family by Completing Your Last Will and Testament with LegalZoom

(Los Angeles, CA - August 5, 2009) - A survey conducted for found that nearly 75% of parents do not have a will. While many may think they are too young, don't have enough money or that their property will automatically go to their next of kin, all three common assumptions are wrong. As recent celebrity deaths have shown, life can end unexpectedly in an instant and, without a plan in place, grieving relatives can be tied up in court for years in the process of acquiring and dividing an estate's assets.

In honor of National Make-A-Will Month this August, LegalZoom is encouraging people to create a will as a way to provide peace of mind that their wishes will be honored.

"A will is one of the most important legal documents a person should have," said Brian Liu, co-founder and chairman of LegalZoom. "If you have a house, a child, or a family heirloom you'd like to pass on to a specific person, then you need to have specific written instructions. LegalZoom simplifies the process by helping you prepare a last will or living trust online."

Taking a few minutes now can save your family time and stress during an already difficult time. LegalZoom's simple three step process makes it fast, easy and affordable to create a will. Here are a few reasons why everyone over 18 should prepare a will:

  1. Children. If you have minor children, you need to specify guardians so that you, and not the court system, will determine who would raise your children.
  2. Property. Recording your wishes for the distribution of your assets and property not only ensures that your decisions are honored but it can also help your family avoid destructive conflicts over these issues.
  3. Final decisions. Grieving the loss of a loved one is hard enough to handle. Sparing your loved ones the stress and anxiety of determining how you would like to be honored and remembered can be avoided with a will.

LegalZoom's Last Will and Testament packages start at $69 - a savings of more than $470 compared to hiring a typical lawyer1.

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