to Change the Way Consumers and Businesses Prepare Legal Documents

Some of the world's sharpest legal minds + The speed and global reach of the Internet =

Co-founded by Robert Shapiro, makes legal document preparation accessible, inexpensive and easy. empowers consumers and businesses to prepare their own legal documents online-- including Wills, Living Trusts, Living Wills, Restraining Orders, Divorces, Prenuptial Agreements, LLCs, Corporations, Trademarks and Copyrights - all at the convenience of one's home or office, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. LegalZoom is set to launch on March 12, during Internet World 2001.

Few consumers know the benefits of a Living Trust or the value of a Living Will. Most believe that meeting with an attorney is the only way to prepare legal documents, but avoid attorney consultations because of the time and fees involved. Others spend hours reading self-help books to research the correct forms to use, the language and syntax needed in preparing legal documents, and the process to follow.

"It is no wonder that nearly 70 percent of Americans live without a Will," notes CEO and Co-Founder Brian Liu. "The current process of preparing legal documents is expensive, time-consuming and confusing. LegalZoom takes the expense, time and hassle out of preparing the most commonly used legal documents for both consumers and businesses." capitalizes on the convenience and power of the web to better assist Pro Se (for yourself) individuals with routine, uncontested legal matters - without the time or expense of an attorney. Simple questionnaires and help menus guide customers through the process of making their own legal decisions to create customized legal documents. also undertakes one of the most tedious and confusing tasks for individuals - filing documents with courts and governmental agencies. In addition,'s legal document assistants review all submissions for completeness and consistency.

Other legal websites offer research capabilities, downloadable forms, software programs, books and/or attorney referrals. But, only LegalZoom offers complete online legal document preparation services combined with help menus and online legal libraries, legal document assistant review and court/agency filing - all at lawyer-free prices.

With the formation of partnerships, LegalZoom also offers attorney referral services, attorney consultations and tax preparation services - making it a one-stop-shop for legal needs.

LegalZoom will save consumers and businesses time, money, and inconvenience and will give peace of mind and confidence in making one's own legal decisions.

LegalZoom is not a law firm, does not give legal advice and actively refers people seeking representation or with complex legal issues to attorneys. However, for those looking for document preparation rather than legal advice, LegalZoom is here to help.