Prenuptial Agreements Shed "Gold Digger" Stigma

Modern Prenups Protect Families With Dual Income And Step-Children

(Los Angeles, CA - July 28, 2009) - There is a general misperception that prenuptial agreements are only for the rich and famous. Some couples even believe the very mention of a prenup can curse the marriage because it plants seeds of doubt and mistrust. In truth, almost half of all marriages will fail. Since many of these marriages involve children and assets from previous marriages, it only makes sense to protect everyone's best interests from day one. A new program from allows California couples to work with a licensed, LegalZoom-certified attorney to create their prenuptial agreement online for a low flat fee.

The "gold digger" myth is founded on the assumption that one partner enters the marriage with more assets than the other. These days, men and women often enter the marriage with careers, assets, portfolios, real estate - and even children. Since California law only stipulates that assets acquired during the marriage will be split equally, couples should also decide how their pre-marital assets will treated before they say "I do."

"Prenup's offers security for both partners before the marriage takes place by setting forth what will happen in the unfortunate event of divorce," said Brian Liu, co-founder and chairman of LegalZoom. "It's also smart financial planning. People may think a prenuptial agreement is a violation of trust or love, but talking about the realistic side of marriage only establishes the foundation for open communication."

Any misstep in the creation of a prenuptial agreement can get it thrown out of court during a divorce. That's why LegalZoom's Attorney-Assisted Prenuptial Service includes consultation with a LegalZoom-certified attorney. Couples can save money taking this route because the lawyer leverages LegalZoom's technology platform and does not need to spend time on administrative tasks such as gathering basic information. This allows the attorney to focus his or her attention on providing more valuable counseling and legal advice.

LegalZoom's attorney-assisted prenuptial agreement packages start at $695 - a savings of more than $1,000 compared to hiring a typical lawyer1. For more information about LegalZoom's prenuptial agreements, please visit

1*Based on an attorney's average hourly rate of $250/hour (2007 Survey of Law Firm Economics, Altman Weil Pensa Publications).