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How to cancel subscription?

You can cancel your membership through your MyAccount page on <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Sign in, go to...

Richard K. ∙ August 8, 2019

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I purchased carpet from a flooring company and hired an installer do the installation. We found the carpet defect and filed a claim. After almost two weeks they responded and determined that they will fix the problem by trimming the defects with a pair of scissors... With the time waiting for this I am greatly inconveniced. As a consumer, what's my right in this case?

Your rights may vary greatly by State. Minor inconvenience is rarely sufficiently addressed in our legal system. The issue is whether there was ...

Jeffrey Lippman ∙ May 20, 2019

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Legal documents for special needs trust?

I believe you are asking whether LegalZoom has a template Special Needs Trust. You can confirm with Customer Service, but I do not believe so. ...

Jeffrey Lippman ∙ August 12, 2019

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