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How to cancel subscription?

You can cancel your membership through your MyAccount page on <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Sign in, go to...

Richard K. ∙ August 8, 2019

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I purchased carpet from a flooring company and hired an installer do the installation. We found the carpet defect and filed a claim. After almost two weeks they responded and determined that they will fix the problem by trimming the defects with a pair of scissors... With the time waiting for this I am greatly inconveniced. As a consumer, what's my right in this case?

Your rights may vary greatly by State. Minor inconvenience is rarely sufficiently addressed in our legal system. The issue is whether there was ...

Jeffrey Lippman ∙ May 20, 2019

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I'm moving my business from oregon to arizona. I have written the irs to keep my ein for the newly registered llc in arizona. What are the next steps to keep all my accounts (banking, healthcare) and move them into my new llc? What state should I hire a lawyer?

Many States have domestication of entity statutes. If Arizona has such a statute, you may very well be able to achieve those goals but there wi...

Jeffrey Lippman ∙ October 1, 2019

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