How to chamge ownership of c corp in calif.? Can I simply fill out some form? Your reply appreciated. Mike onishi

Kara B. ∙ September 12, 2018

Hi Mike! If you’re looking to update the stockholders/shareholders for a Corporation in California, this can be done by updating your Bylaws & Resolutions. If the corporation has already issued shares, it’s a good idea to discuss the process of selling or cancelling any issued shares with an attorney. You can schedule a consultation with an independent attorney licensed in your state by joining our legal plan. Click here to learn more: We offer two package options for the Bylaws & Resolutions: Standard and Rush. Both packages include the Bylaws & Resolutions paperwork. The Rush package is immediately marked for special handling and, once filed, shipped via 2-day delivery. The Rush package is completed and shipped in 3-5 business days and the Standard package is completed and shipped in 7-10 business days. You can find this service on our website, or you can feel free to call us at 888-381-8758 to speak with a representative, or chat for further assistance.


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