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Once I do online how long is it before I receive the docs & do I need a notary on my end to validate it?

The timeframe depends on which of our Will packages you select. Our Basic package is typically completed and available for download in 4 busines...

Heather F. ∙ October 4, 2016

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Can a will be for my husband and myself combined in one will?

LegalZoom does not offer a joint will. However if you are interested in creating a will for you and your husband there is an option to add a sep...

James P. ∙ October 4, 2016

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Does my estate have to go through probate if I have a will and an executor?

The specific facts are important but Wills do not avoid Probate. Wills go through Probate and tell the Probate Court what the decedent wants to...

Jeffrey Lippman ∙ May 21, 2019

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