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Home title, girlfriend passed and house in her name, im the co buyer and her 20 yr partner, may I get title? Ciha tribal financed the home shes native im white we had a son together for whom we bought the home for a family home.

You should set up a consultation with your LegalZoom provider firm, as laws can vary. However, if your deceased girlfriend is the sole deed owne...

Jeffrey Lippman ∙ May 21, 2019

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Do you help with fighting collections agency’s? I

Your LegalZoom membership provides access to provider attorneys that can discuss the situation, your rights, applicable State and Federal laws, ...

Jeffrey Lippman ∙ May 20, 2019

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My grandmother made me acting power of attorney when she becomes incapable of handling her finances and medical. She in now by order of a physician (which I have) unable to handle these affairs any longer so I need to activate her power of attorney so I can begin helping her. Can this be helped on legal zoom?

This depends on the language within the document itself and the laws of the state your grandmother is in, but typically you do not need any addi...

Cody R Cooper ∙ August 28, 2019

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