Power of Attorney

Most popular Power of Attorney Questions

If I was to purchase durable power attorney when will it go infect? Do I have to have it notarized?

There are generally two types of a general durable power of attorney (dpoa): immediate and springing. An immediate dpoa goes into effect the mo...

Amy Hutchens ∙ August 29, 2019

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I've changed my address since creating the power of attorney form years ago. Do I need to revise it to reflect my new address?

Generally, a change of address will not void your power of attorney as a matter of law, but it is recommended that you update it to keep everyth...

Bryan Zlimen ∙ August 7, 2019

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Under what circumstances can a durable power of attorney be nullified?

Generally, it depends on whether its the person who drafted the power of attorney who wants it nullified or a third party. Usually, the person w...

Cody R Cooper ∙ September 2, 2019

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