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We filed chapter 7 over 10 years ago the home was discharge in that bankruptcy and found out that loan company but a lien on?

Bankruptcy is a Federal mechanism but every State has significant laws which could impact the result of a Bankruptcy. It is unclear whether the...

Jeffrey Lippman ∙ July 15, 2019

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Kansas, if both (husband and wife) are on a property deed, can a spouse add a child to the property deed without his/hers spouse permission?

It depends on how the husband and wife are listed on the deed. Generally property owned by a husband and wife is considered a tenancy in common...

Amy Hutchens ∙ October 8, 2019

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How do I get a name of my deeds?

A copy of your deed is typically available at the county recorder's office of the county where the property is located. <br><br>Cody Cooper's of...

Cody R Cooper ∙ August 22, 2019

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