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Can a tenant replace appliances without authorization and then try to take them out and replace them with used ones?

Whenever a tenant makes changes to a premises without a Landlord's consent, it is in violation of their tenancy (and is usually a violation of t...

Carolyn W. ∙ May 23, 2019

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How can I get out of a timeshare?

Although it's very rare, a few companies will buy back a timeshare. More commonly, the timeshare company will sell it for you or there are comp...

Amy Hutchens ∙ September 21, 2019

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I rent a home in california, in 100 degree + temps. My air condition unit stopped working over 14 days ago and the landlord has not fixed it. Can I with hold rent until it is repaired and do I need to pay back all rent once it is fixed?

If the air conditioner was provided by the Landlord and stoped working through no fault of the tenant, landlord is responsible for repairs. Firs...

Viktoriya S. ∙ September 24, 2019

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