I already have a utility patent and drawings drafted by a lawyer and ready to file, but i'm concerned with my lawyers level of skills. I'd like to have it reviewed by somebody else. Do you have an option for something like this?

Kara B. ∙ September 12, 2018

Our non-provisional utility patent product is composed of two separate steps. Step 1 must be completed before purchasing Step 2, and the packages cannot be broken up into individual components. With the Step 1 package, a patent professional will provide an initial consultation to review your invention, answer legal questions, and provide suggestions for improvement. Also included are patent drawings drafted by a professional patent illustrator (up to 4 pages). Step 2 of our non-provisional utility patent process offers professional preparation and drafting of a non-provisional utility patent application that includes 10 claims (up to three independent claims) and five pages of specifications. You can find this service on our website, or you can feel free to call us at 888-381-8758 to speak with a representative, or chat for further assistance.


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