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Create a Real Estate Deed Transfer in 3 Simple Steps

The LegalZoom 3-step process was developed by attorneys from some of the most prestigious law firms in America. There are no complex instructions to follow and nothing to download or print. Our online questionnaire will guide you step-by-step through our convenient process.

Our 3-Step process

Here's how it works:

  1. Complete our Real Estate Deed Transfer Questionnaire
    Simply answer a series of straight-forward questions about your property.
  2. We Complete Your Real Estate Deed
    LegalZoom's service provider will conduct research to find your property's "legal description" and create the legal documents for your signature with the assistance of an attorney licensed to practice in the jurisdiction where the real property is located, when required.
  3. We Record the Deed to Complete the Transfer
    Within 5-7 business days, the deed will be ready for your review and signatures. After we receive the signed deed from you, we will promptly file it with the county recorder's office.

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