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Deed Transfer Package Details

Each LegalZoom Real Estate Deed Transfer package offers exceptional value and comes backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee and lifetime customer support.
The real estate deed transfer packages include:
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Title research to determine the precise legal description of your property (map, block and lot number) and method of holding title
Creation of the real estate deed for your signature
Filing the deed with the County Recorder's Office, including payment of all required fees
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Expedited processing of the deed. Your deed will be processed and sent to you for signature within 2 business days. Processing for the Standard package takes 5-7 business days.
Expedited filing of the deed with the county recorder's office. If your county allows for e-recording, we will electronically file your deed and send you an email confirmation of the submission within 1 business day of receiving your signed deed. If your county does not allow for e-recording, we will use a walk-in or courier service to deliver the deed for filing. You'll receive an email confirmation of the recording from us within 2 weeks. Please note, the county recorder's office may take longer to deliver a copy of the recorded deed due to administrative delays.
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Affidavit Terminating Joint Tenancy or Community Property

*Fees include initial applicable state, county, and local recording fees and taxes and may also include LegalZoom handling and processing charges. Additional taxes and fees may be required by a governmental agency when the deed is recorded.

+ In Alabama, a Deed Transfer Tax must be paid based on the assessed value of the property. Because of this, we do not offer deed preparation and recording services in this state.

++ For a small percentage of properties in Florida, a Documentary Stamp Tax is required at a rate of $0.70 per $100 owed on any existing mortgage. This tax is not included at checkout. You will be contacted to confirm and approve the additional tax amount at the time of transfer.

+++For properties located in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana, the country recorder requires two deeds to be recorded in order to provide a copy of a new deed. Therefore, an additional $40 recording fee is included at checkout. Additionally, if you include a Warranty Deed with your order, an additional $325 transfer tax charge will be included at checkout.

++++ For non-residential properties located in New York, an additional $125 recording fee will be added to the price listed above at checkout.

+++++ For properties located in Washington County, Oregon, a transfer tax is required at a rate of $1.00 per $1,000 of assessed value. This tax is not included at checkout. You will be contacted to confirm and approve the additional tax amount at the time of transfer.

++++++ For properties located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, an additional county recording fee of $215 will be added to the price above at checkout.

+++++++ LegalZoom does not offer Quitclaim deeds for properties located in Texas and Virginia. Instead, Warranty Deeds are available.

******** Transferring property in Texas from a deceased individual to his or her spouse requires an Affidavit of Heirship and an additional $100 fee will be included at checkout.

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