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The Real Estate Deed Transfer Process

LegalZoom's Real Estate Deed Transfer Service makes it easy and affordable to prepare and record your property transfer. The following is a detailed description of the LegalZoom Real Estate Deed Transfer Process:
  • Complete our easy online questionnaire.
  • Our Document Specialists will immediately begin to review your answers for completeness and common mistakes.
  • We will conduct research to determine the exact "legal description" of your property, as well as to confirm the current owners listed on the deed. During this research phase you may be required to provide the following, depending on the purpose of the new deed:
    • Transfers to trusts will require a copy of the trust abstract (sometimes called a Certificate or Abstract of Trust)
    • Transfers to business entities such as LLCs or Corporations will require a document evidencing the existence of the businessusually a copy of the Articles of Incorporation or Certificate of Formation.
  • Hansen Law Offices will prepare your real estate deed within 5-7 business days of placing your order.
  • If necessary, Hansen Law Offices will also prepare affidavits in case any co-owner on the current deed has passed away. (Note: We will need a confirmed copy of the death certificate.)
  • The deed will be sent to you for signature. It must also be notarized. Then, simply return it to us at the address provided.
  • When we receive your signed and notarized deed, we will record it with the proper county recorder's office. The filing and recording time varies by county, but generally it takes 4-8 weeks. As an option, we offer expedited walk-in recording services which can cut the time in half.
  • Once complete, we will send you your original deed.