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Owning property is a big responsibility. Whether you are leasing, or transfering ownership, LegalZoom can help.
As a landlord, you need a high-quality lease agreement both you and your tenant can trust. A LegalZoom Residential Real Estate Lease is easy to create and personalized to fit your specific rental needs.
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Creating and filing a real estate deed can be time-consuming and expensive. LegalZoom's Deed Service makes it easy to legally change the title to your property.
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Many landlords and homeowners give themselves added protection by holding their rental property in a limited liability company (LLC). An LLC is a business entity created under state law that can shield you from personal liability.
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LegalZoom has partnered with TransUnion to bring you TransUnion SmartMove™ - a web-based screening solution that provides independent landlords with access to the same applicant screening tools used by the largest property management companies.
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