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The Trademark Search Process
LegalZoom’s Comprehensive Trademark Search is customized to uncover possible trademark conflicts before you file for federal trademark registration. Below is a detailed description of how our process works:
  • Complete our easy online questionnaire.
  • We develop a customized search strategy.
    Your proposed trademark undergoes a comprehensive search strategy to uncover any marks that are similar to yours, including those with different spellings. The search includes:
    • Federal and State Trademark Database
    • Canadian and European Trademarks
    • Corporate names from all 50 states
    • Fictitious Business Name filings
    • Business Finder Database and Yellow Page Listings
    • Cyber Common Law search of over 3 billion web pages and 4,500 news sources
    • Internet domain names
  • We prepare your report.
    We prepare your comprehensive search report within 5-7 business days. Since our search reports average over 200 pages, we will compile your search results onto CD-ROM for easy reading and reference. With it�s easy to navigate interface and included guides, the CD-ROM will allow you to quickly review your results to identify possible conflicts.
  • We ship your report to you.
    We send your search report to you by priority or overnight mail.

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