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Section 9 Trademark Renewal FAQs

What is a trademark specimen?
A specimen is a real-world example of how you are using your trademark on goods or in the offer of services. A specimen is more than just a picture of your trademark or logo.

For goods (products), acceptable specimens include labels, tags, packaging material, instruction manuals and containers which display the trademark. Please note that brochures, business cards, catalogs and stationery are generally not acceptable specimens for goods.

For services, acceptable specimens include brochures, flyers, advertisements, yellow page listings and websites. Please note that stationery is generally not an acceptable specimen for services. For a business card to qualify, the proposed trademark must appear on it along with the service in connection with which the mark is to be used. For example, a business card reading simply "Acme" would not suffice, while "Acme Jet-Powered Rollerskate Modification" likely would.