Working for clear, affordable, personalised legal help
since 2001

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Working for clear, affordable, personalised legal help since 2001

Our Story

We launch our first site in America, giving people a new way to write wills, start businesses and protect their intellectual property. Word spreads fast.
We help our 100,000th customer (and have a large party to celebrate).
We choose the UK as our next country to work in: an important step in spreading our ideas around the world.
We’ve helped our 4,000,000th customer worldwide and our 750,000th in the UK.

We’re growing. Grow with us

LegalZoom were brilliant from start to finish.

Steve Wright

What sets us apart

This is why millions of people come to us for help.

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Great people

Friendly, knowledgeable people mean customers get that personal touch.

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New technology

Our systems handle the routine stuff, freeing up our people to help customers.

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Plain English

No confusing legal jargon to struggle with. It’s all clear and simple.

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Good reputation

Our customers recommend us. That’s how we keep growing so fast.
LegalZoom made my experience as a first time buyer a brilliant one.

Kayleigh Bailey


Want some help? Give us a call on

0345 122 8103

Mon to Thu: 9am to 5.30pm, Fri: 9am to 5.00pm

Want some help?
Give us a call on

0345 122 8103

Monday to Friday, 9am to 5.30pm


Frequently asked questions


Am I ready to set up a company?

If you know what to call your business, you’re ready. You can register your business name, so that no one else can take it, but you don’t have to start trading right away. And when you do start, you can begin small and build up. We can help you every step of the way. Registering a company might seem intimidating, but we make it a simple, step-by-step process you can do online in a few minutes. Then there’s compliance, tax and admin. Our Knowledge Centre will tell you what you need to do. And if you prefer, our experts can help with the tricky stuff, like preparing confirmation statements, so that you can concentrate on building your business.

What kind of company am I setting up?

You’ll have a UK private limited company, limited by shares. You can make yourself the only shareholder, or give shares to other people. You just can’t sell shares to the public. If the company runs into trouble, its shareholders don’t have to pay more than the cost of their shares (which can be just £1). And if the company does well, it can pay dividends to shareholders. So you benefit if the company’s a success, and you’re protected if it fails.

How long before I can start trading?

You can start trading as soon as Companies House approves the application and officially forms your company. During the working week that’s usually less than 24 hours, and it won’t be more than two working days. As soon as it happens, we’ll let you know.

Is there anything I need to do after my company’s set up?

Yes there is, and we can help you. After we’ve registered your company, you’ll need to register for VAT and Corporation Tax. If you have our Tax Ready or Expert Support packages, we’ll do this for you. But whichever package you’ve chosen, you can call us any time for help and advice. You can find out more about what to do after registering a company in our Knowledge Centre.

What about bank accounts?

You’ll need a separate business bank account for your company, and our favourite’s from Barclays. If you want, we can ask for an account for you while we’re setting up your business. Then you’ll hear from Barclays within two working days of Companies House saying your business officially exists. (We’ll also give you £50 cashback, which should help with the celebrations.)

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