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We get lawyers to do the important things, and let technology handle the admin. Then we pass the savings on to.

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See all services

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Why choose us?

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Lawyers when you need them

We get lawyers to do the important things, and let technology handle the admin. Then we pass the savings on to you.

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Friendly, helpful people

We make everything clear online. But sometimes you want to talk to someone. Give us a call and chat to someone nice and experienced.

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Simple, honest prices

You should never be guessing how much you’ll have to pay for legal work. We tell you exactly how much it’ll cost before we start.

Our formations

  • nofrills package


    No Frills

  • Want to do the tax stuff later or just reserve a company name?
  • extras package


    The Extras

  • Want high-quality printed documents and protection from fraudsters?
Best Value
  • Privacy package



  • Everything you need, plus a few extras to make sure that your privacy is always protected.
  • peace of mind package


    Peace of Mind

  • Want to get everything sorted for your company's first year?

No Frills £8.99

The basic way to register a company with Companies House.

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The Extras £19.99

See our company formation package designed especially for contractors

Learn more

Tax Ready £34.99

Set up a company that’s ready to start trading.

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Peace of Mind £99.99

The complete secretarial and compliance package to set up your company.

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I couldn’t believe how easy it was. Thanks LegalZoom.


All our business services

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Registered Agent

Keep your home address off the public company register.

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Business Bank Accounts

Apply for a business bank account through us and get trading quickly.

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Company Secretary

Stay compliant with Companies House and keep your records in check.

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Co-working Spaces

Find a space to grow your business without the expensive rental fees.

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Hire an expert to worry about the numbers so that you don't have to.

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Confirmation Statements

Never worry about missing a filing deadline. We'll do it for you.

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Credit Insights

Make better decisions about who you do business with.

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Company Dissolution

Closing a business can be stressful. We'll do all the leg work for you.

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Trade Marks

Protect everything you've worked hard to create with a trade mark.

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Business Insurance

Personalised insurance policies that are as unque as your business.

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Make a home for your business online to attract new customers.

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Domain Names

Find a domain name that suits your business down to the ground.

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Social Media Management

Let the experts handle it, and boost your business profile in the process.

All our personal services

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Buy a home

You’ll have your own dedicated, qualified conveyancer keeping in touch by email or phone, backed up by a team of specialists.

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Sell a home

Check your online hub from your laptop or phone. See where you are in the process, upload and check documents, and know what’s happening.

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Buy and sell a home

No more waiting for an appointment just to show your driving licence. Doing some of it online works better and costs less.

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Make a Will

Make it easier for the people you leave behind. You can make a will online or by talking to a solicitor. It’s simple.

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Lasting Power of Attorney

Who should make decisions for you if you’re ever too ill to think for yourself? Choose now and make it easy for them.


Want some help? Give us a call on

0345 122 8103

Mon to Thu: 9am to 5.30pm, Fri: 9am to 5.00pm

Want some help?
Give us a call on

0345 122 8103

Monday to Friday, 9am to 5.30pm

Frequently asked questions

What is LegalZoom?

We’re an online legal services provider that focuses on helping families and small businesses. Our organisation consists of both a law firm for the legal services like conveyancing and wills. Also we have business experts to help you form a company and support your business needs.

We have all the good bits of a law firm or solicitor’s office, like expert qualified lawyers and we are authorised as well as regulated by legal bodies (pausing for a moment for the official bit, these include the Solicitors Regulation Authority and the Conveyancing Quality Scheme). What we don’t have is the dusty offices, ancient technology, and eye-watering fees for doing the simplest thing.

Instead, we get lawyers and tech geniuses to design really easy ways of doing legal stuff online. Then we have people to give you help over the phone whenever you need it. And of course we have lawyers standing by, ready to do their thing. It’s all much more straightforward than the old-fashioned way, and it costs less too.


How can you help me?

We can help you wherever your life meets legal. When does that happen? Well, maybe you’ve fallen in love, so you want to sell your flat in Chelmsford and move to a cottage in the Lake District. That’s great we’ll look after the legal side of buying and selling the properties. Or maybe you want to be your own boss, so you’re setting up as an IT consultant. Good for you. We’ll look after the legal side of forming a company, dealing with the tax and sending the right paperwork out.

We’re starting with the big stuff and we aim to add more services as we go on. But we always look at it from the same point of view: what are you trying to do in your life? And how can we help with the legal side of that?

Ultimately, our aim is to open up the law, so that everyone can do what they need to do without all the confusion and jargon, and without it costing an arm and a leg.

What can you do for businesses at the moment?

We can form a company, give your business a London address (with mail forwarding), help you with a business bank account, set up payroll for you, do accounting and tax, offer company secretarial services, prepare confirmation statements, register you for VAT and PAYE, dissolve a company, make it easy for you to accept online payments. The legal services provided include help with buying and selling business property (commercial conveyancing). And there’s more to come.

What can you do for me personally at the moment?

We can help you buy or sell a home (conveyancing) and make a will. Again, there’ll be more soon.


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