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Change of address checklist

Moving house? Before you load up the removal lorry, make sure to spread the word. This is the essential checklist of everyone you should tell when you change address.


  • Employer

    The boss will want your new contact details so they can put your new address on the payroll.

  • HMRC

    Update your address with the tax man at

Local authorities

  • Council tax

    Tell the council about your change of address within a week of your move. You’ll be able to do it online.

  • Electoral roll

    To get on the electoral roll at your new address, go to

  • Department of Work and Pensions

    Getting benefits or the state pension? To keep on getting them, update your address at


If you’re moving out of the area, you’ll want to cancel subscriptions to local gyms and clubs. And don’t forget to redirect any postal subscriptions to your new house.

  • Health club or gym

  • Newspaper and magazine subscriptions

  • Clubs and societies


  • Cable or satellite

  • Landline phone

  • Mobile phone

  • Broadband

  • TV Licence

    When you change address, update your details at You can do it three months before you move.


  • DVLA

    Update your address on the DVLA website and they’ll send you a new licence in 2-4 weeks.

  • Vehicle breakdown cover

    Remember that breakdown cover services charge different rates depending on where you live. Also, they’ll need to post you renewal paperwork.

  • Car insurance

  • V5C vehicle log book

    Forget to update the address on your log book and you could be stuck with a fine of £1,000. Write your new address in section 6 of the log book and post it to: DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1BA.


  • Schools

  • University


When you change address, you might also need to change doctors. If you do, your current doctors will need to forward your medical records. The same goes for your dentist, optician and vet.

  • Dentist

  • Doctor

  • Optician

  • Vet


Because they use your postcode to work out your premium and cost of cover, your insurers will also need to know when you change address.

  • Health insurance

  • Home/ contents insurance

  • Life insurance

  • Travel insurance

  • Pet insurance


  • Cleaner

  • Gardener

  • Window cleaner

  • Accountant

  • Solicitor


  • Banks or building societies

    Let these guys know about your change of address as close to your moving date as you can. Forget, and you could open yourself up to identity theft.

  • Premium bonds

    Imagine winning big but not being able to collect the money because you forgot to update your address!

  • Pension

    to update your state pension records, head to the pension section of If you’ve got a private pension, tell your provider.

  • Loan companies

  • Credit and debit card companies

  • Store cards

    Remember that the address on your store card is what the supermarket uses for deliveries.


  • Electricity, gas and water

    Let your power, gas and water companies know about your move several weeks upfront. And remember to take final meter readings on the day you move out.

  • Royal Mail

    Worried that you’ll forget to give everyone your new address when you move? Arrange to redirect your post with the Royal Mail and they’ll forward anything sent to your old address.

In a nutshell

There’s no sugar-coating it – moving house is a stressful business. But hopefully this change of address checklist will mean you don’t forget to give anyone your new details.

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