How to choose the best domain name for your business’ website

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How to choose the best domain name for your business’ website

Choosing a domain name can be just as difficult as choosing a name for your business. It requires a lot of thought because your domain is the identity of your business online. So being easy to find, remember and an accurate reflection of what it is you do could put you ahead of the competition.

We’ve put together a few tips to consider when choosing the perfect name for your website.

Keep your domain short

Having a long URL that’s hard to remember isn’t going to help your customers find you. If it’s too complex you risk people misspelling it and ending up somewhere else, so keeping it shorter and easy to remember is key. Also, while we’re talking about spelling… never use slang. Your business might be the coolest, hippest brand out there, but using slang in your URL could make you harder to find on the web.


When you’re setting up a website, you’ll hear the term ‘keywords’ a lot. Keywords are the search terms people use when trying to find products or services like yours. So, using keywords that describe your business and what you do can help somebody make a quick decision about whether your website will be able to help them. If you sell double glazing you might consider a URL like,

Don’t confuse people with numbers and hyphens

As we’ve already mentioned, your URL should be easy to remember. Which means that using numbers and hyphens should generally be avoided. If you use them in your URL you risk confusing people. Should the number be spelled, which word does the hyphen go after again?! Stick to a simple URL so that your customers can find you easily.

Local business? Tell people!

If you’re a business with a lot of local customers, having a URL that mentions your locality can help you differentiate yourself to your customers from other similar businesses. So having a name like will help locals identify you on the web. Because you don’t want to lose your loyal customers to competing businesses!

Researching your domain can help you avoid problems later

So, you’ve picked a name, it’s available and you’re keen to make a start on creating a home for your business online – great stuff. Before you do, it’s always worth checking to find out if that name has already been trademarked or copyrighted. If it is you could run into legal problems as your business becomes more successful which could cost you a lot in legal fees. You may also end up losing the website you’ve worked hard to create.

Buy similar domains to protect your business

Buying similar domain names to the one you’ve chosen can help you protect your brand online. You could also consider buying misspelled versions of your domain to point customers in the right direction and stop people from imitating your business. Plus, you can redirect all the URLs to your main site so that you never miss out on a visitor.

Email address

When you buy a domain name, often you’ll be asked if you also want to purchase an email address for your site. We’d recommend using an official business address so that your site feels professional and that your customers know that your business is legitimate and trustworthy. Plus, you can usually sync up your email address to a provider of your choice, so you’re not stuck using a mailbox you’ve got no idea how to use.

We work with 123Reg to help our customers choose the perfect domain name for their business. So, even if you’ve not registered a limited company yet, you can start making your business dream a reality by securing your domain name now. Find out more about domain names here.

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