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Your company’s confirmation statement

Your confirmation statement keeps Companies House up to date with what’s what and who’s who at your company. You’ll get a reminder to send one every year. (And doing that’s a good way of avoiding a fine.)

How do you file a confirmation statement?

If you’ve just set up your company, you don’t need to do anything for the first 12 months. And after you’ve done your first one, you’ll just need to check it each year and either update the information or confirm that it’s still right.

Your lawyer or accountant can do that for you, and so can a formation agent. Or you can take it on yourself. To do that, register with the WebFiling service at Companies House, complete the form with your company information (registered address, directors, shareholders and so on), pay the annual update fee (£13), confirm the information and you’re done for the year.

What information do I have to give for my Confirmation Statement?

The only things Companies House wants to hear about are your:

  • registered address
  • directors
  • company secretary
  • Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code (which shows what the company does)
  • share capital and shareholders (if your company has shares)
  • people with significant control (PSCs).

If you are unsure of these then it’s a good idea to speak to someone who can help.

How do I know when it’s due for an update?

Companies House will send a reminder, by email or in the post, to your company’s registered office. That’ll either come a year after the company was incorporated, or a year after you filed your last confirmation statement.

You’ll have 14 days after the due date to get your confirmation statement filed. After that, you might be looking at a fine of up to £5,000 and even having your company struck off the register if you don’t keep the statement up to date.

Confirmation Statements in a nutshell

The confirmation statement is an annual check to make sure the information that Companies House holds about your business is right and up to date. You have to check and confirm the details every year, and update anything that’s changed.

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