Make decisions about any future medical treatment with your living will

Make decisions about any future medical treatment with your living will

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Our online Living Will builder makes it easy, taking you through some simple questions at your own pace, which will allow us to create your Living Will for you. If you need help, our highly skilled legal professionals are there for you. You also get the peace of mind knowing that you’re protecting your future.

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You can choose what happens if you get ill

The official legal name for a Living Will is an advance decision. It means you can decide in advance, while you’re healthy, what treatments you don’t want if you get seriously ill. It’s legally binding, so carers have to follow it.

You’ll talk to one of our highly skilled legal professionals over the phone. Tell them what you want, and we’ll create your Living Will for you. We’ll tell you up-front what it’ll cost.

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With us, whatever you want to do, you can always do it the personal way, by talking to a nice, knowledgeable person.

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We’ve made making a will really clear and simple. No one should have to deal with a load of legal jargon.

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We want making a will to be in everyone’s reach. That’s why we created an SRA-approved online Will builder.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I say what treatment I want to have in my Living Will?

No – you can’t ask for a particular treatment in your Living Will. You can only say what you don’t want to happen. So you could say you don’t want to be given CPR or go on life support. You must be as clear as you can in your Living Will about when you don’t want a particular treatment (for example if it means you’ll die without it). This is because if any part of your Living Will is ambiguous then it may not be followed.

Do I need to make a traditional Will as well?

Yes, you should make a traditional Will too. A Living Will only records what you want to happen while you’re alive. So you’ll need to make a separate Will to tell people what you want to happen to your money, property and things.

Living Will, advance decisions, advance statement – what’s the difference?

Living Wills are also called ‘advance decisions’, but the similar-sounding ‘advance statement’ is something else.

A Living Will (or Advance Decision) is a legally binding document that says what medical treatment you don’t want to have if you are not able to make or communicate your decision yourself.

An advance statement sets out your likes and dislikes, and anything you want to make you more comfortable. So that might be things like whether you’d like to be cared for at home or in a hospice, who you want to be consulted about your care, right down to the food you do (or don’t) want to eat.

Advance statements aren’t legal documents so your family or carers don’t have to follow them – but they’re useful guidance for people to know how you’d like to be treated if you can’t tell them yourself.

Do I have to give my family a copy of my Living Will?

We would always recommend that you provide a copy of your Living Will to your GP and any other medical consultants you have, so that the record of the decision can be placed on your medical record.  You should also consider telling others, such as your family and friends, about your decision and where the document is kept. Finally it can also be beneficially to carry some form of card or other indication that you have made a Living Will and detail where it is kept.

You should also consider regularly reviewing your Living Will to make sure it reflects your up to date wishes and your current circumstances, as any change in your circumstances may result in your Living Will being invalid.

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