Everything for your first year for £99.99 with our Peace of Mind formations

Everything for your first year for £99.99 with our Peace of Mind formations

What do you get?

Perfect for seasoned professionals, or anyone who wants to know it’s all covered. Starting a business is stressful enough without worries over compliance, so we help with your first confirmation statement. And you keep your home private by using our central London address.

A central London address

Your business’s registered address is public. If it’s your home, you might prefer to use a central London address instead.

First confirmation statement

Expert help preparing this snapshot of your company that you have to send to Companies House each year.

Expertise for your application

One of our experts checks your Companies House application, who makes sure you’re approved.

Includes everything from our ‘No Frills’, ‘The Extras’ and ‘Tax Ready’ formations

LegalZoom were brilliant from start to finish.

Steve Wright

Our formations

  • £8.99

    No Frills

  • The basic way to register a company with Companies House.

  • £19.99

    The Extras

  • See our company formation package designed especially for contractors

  • £34.99

    Tax Ready

  • Set up a company that’s ready to start trading.

  • £99.99

    Peace of Mind

  • The complete secretarial and compliance package to set up your company.

Want some help? Give us a call on

0345 122 8103

Mon to Thu: 9am to 5.30pm, Fri: 9am to 5.00pm

Want some help?
Give us a call on

0345 122 8103

Monday to Friday, 9am to 5.30pm

Frequently asked questions

What’s a confirmation statement?

It’s a document you have to send Companies House at least once a year. It tells them about any big changes to your company, including its industry, capital, shares and shareholders. Even if nothing’s changed, you still have to send a statement to confirm that (hence the name).


Why wouldn’t I use my home as my company’s registered address?

Because Companies House makes your company’s registered address public. If that’s your home address, you increase the risk of identity theft. And, of course, anyone who wants to can come to your house. Even that annoying guy you went to school with, who you’ve been trying to avoid for years.

What happens if Companies House rejects my application?

Nothing bad, don’t worry. If you register your company through us, we’ll spot most things Companies House might have a problem with. If they do reject your application, it’s fine. We’ll talk it through with you to make sure the problem’s sorted out. And there’s no charge for applying again. If you want to make sure it goes through first time, without any delays, you can use our ‘Check and Send’ service, so that an expert goes through your application before we send it.

Why does Companies House reject applications?

People write some pretty strange things in the ‘occupation’ box. The other big reason is the company name: they’re often too similar to another business’s, or they contain what Companies House calls ‘sensitive words’. Anything offensive counts as a sensitive word, of course. But so do words like ‘Royal’, ‘Group’ or ‘Association’ – things that make a claim about your company that you’d need to back up.


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