Display documents, compliance and fraud protection for £19.99 with our The Extras formations

Display documents, compliance and fraud protection for £19.99 with our The Extras formations

What do you get?

Perfect for everyone, this is a great step up from ‘No Frills’. You get high-quality, watermarked documents to display in your office, plus the full suite of proper business records. Ther’s also protection from criminals forging documents to take over your company.

Display-quality certificates

Proof you’re a genuine limited company, on watermarked, high-quality paper. Certificate of incorporation, shares, and articles of association.

Company register and minutes

You need a company register, recording the big stuff about your company. We’ll start it with minutes of your first board meeting.

Fraud protection

No need to worry about forged documents. No chance of paper fraud, and you’ll hear about any suspicious activity.

Online PSC register

Since 2017, you need a register of ‘people with significant control’. We’ll create it for you and keep it online, ready for legal inspection.

Includes everything from our
No Frills‘ formations

The entire process was effortless on my part.

Joe Ardron

Want help with tax? Get ‘Tax Ready’ for £34.99

Want some help? Give us a call on

0345 122 8103

Mon to Thu: 9am to 5.30pm, Fri: 9am to 5.00pm

Want some help?
Give us a call on

0345 122 8103

Monday to Friday, 9am to 5.30pm

Want everything taken care of?

With our Peace of Mind’ formations you’ll also get:

First confirmation statement

You’ll get expert help preparing this. It’s a snapshot of your company that you have to send to Companies House each year.

A central London address

Your business’s registered address is public. If it’s your home, you might prefer to use our central London address instead.

Expertise for your application

All our packages make applying to Companies House easy. One of our experts makes sure you get through.

Our formations

  • £8.99

    No Frills

  • The basic way to register a company with Companies House.

  • £19.99

    The Extras

  • See our company formation package designed especially for contractors

  • £34.99

    Tax Ready

  • Set up a company that’s ready to start trading.

  • £99.99

    Peace of Mind

  • The complete secretarial and compliance package to set up your company.

Frequently asked questions

How does Companies House fraud work?

It’s pretty simple, really. Companies House has paper forms for companies to fill in when they need to do things like changing their address or adding new directors. Fraudsters can use those forms to make changes in their favour, even making themselves company directors. In fact, every month there are 50 to 100 cases of corporate identity theft using these forms. That can give fraudsters access to your company’s bank accounts, or let them take out loans in your company’s name. Because of a bit of paper, your hard work could fund a criminal’s holiday in the Bahamas.

We can avoid this by stopping Companies House accepting paper forms. If you want to change your company’s details, you can do it online using a six-digit PIN code. It’s much more secure.


What's a company register?

There are actually several registers that the law says a company needs to have, but people usually just call them all ‘the company register’. You need to keep registers of shareholders, directors (and information about them, including their address), company secretaries, charges (mainly mortgages) and people with significant control. You need to keep these at Companies House, or in a place (like your office) where government inspectors can go and see them.


Who are 'people of significant control'?

They’re people who have a big influence on a company – people like you, in fact, if you own a business. They include anyone who owns more than 25% of a company’s shares or voting rights, or who can make big changes to the board of directors. Since 2016, UK companies have to say who has significant control over them, and that’s put on a public register which anyone can see. The aim is to make it clearer who owns companies, which helps to stop criminals using them for money laundering and other crimes. The UK’s one of the first countries to do this. We really like being called ‘people of significant control’. In fact, we’re thinking of getting it printed on a T-shirt.


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