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I never like our justice system. Here are 12 ordinary people, some have not finished high school, obviously will
not understand any of the scientific and technological terms
being used in the majority of the criminal cases. Yet, we expect them to understand what the prosecutor and the defense are talking about. Also, we expect these jurors to
understand the law connected to the crime. Legal terms being used by both prosecutors and defense are so complicated that most of these juros use the opening or closing statements as they are easier to understnd to make their decision. Example is the Casey Anthony case. the 11 juros elected a teacher to be their foreman. They thought that this man is an "academic teacher" not realizing that he
is a GYM TEACHER". aS he admitted in his TV interview that "he orchestrated the whole scenerio." He admitted putting a lot of emphasis on the opening remarks of defense attorney. He put GEORGE ANTHONY on trial instead of Casey.


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